Visiting Mombasa for the first time as a tourist, you have to do and know a few things to make your stay worthy.

First thing you have to make a reservation for your hotel or apartment. Engage yourself in kite surfing sporting activity over the blue waters in Diani Beach. Stroll down the white sandy beaches and enjoy the sunset view together with the wide stretch of vegetation provided by the palm trees that surround the beach.

Haller Park

Visit the Haller Park which has a taste for those who have an attraction for animals, such a hippopotamus, zebras, giraffes, and birds species. And the most amazing experience is horse riding and tortoise riding in the natural park.

Marine Park

Visit the Mombasa Marine Park to enjoy the great oceanic view
which ranges from crystal clear blue waters and the sea vegetation which is viewed while boat riding.

Old town

The Old town gives you the attractive Arabic Architecture, Portuguese building designs, and warm narrow streets. And for the religious historical past events visit the Mandhry Mosque.

Fort Jesus Museum

Visit The Fort Jesus Museum, which is highly monumental and has a sanctuary with The Portuguese canons which face the Ocean.

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