The year is 2020 and just at the start of the year a new virus dawned upon the world and countries across the globe put up sanctions that banned travel in and out the country. Kenya was one of the countries in Africa that really felt the pinch not only when it came to travel but also halting travel in and out of Kenya as well as in and out of particular counties.

The covid-19 virus came with it consequences, businesses were affected, and places like Dubai which has for years served as a business hub banned travel into the country. It’s been 1 year down the line and many cities are opening up their doors to tourists.

Earlier this month, the United Arab Emirates announced that all restrictions on the dubai visa for Kenyan citizens have been revoked. This was good news to not only for tourists but also for travel agencies, enterpreneurs and the entire hospitality industry. This however comes with certain requirements that you will need before travelling.

– A valid negative Covid-19 test issued within 48 hours prior to depature date from an approved health facility.

– Passengers travelling into Dubai will need to take another Covid-19 test upon arrival at the Dubai International Airport

Tips: Before travelling to any country you need to find out the kind of requirements needed by the specific country at least early enough.

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