The Ark in Aberdare National Park is a very iconic and somewhat quirky place to visit. It resembles Noah’s creation, which overlooks a floodlit waterhole and salt lick which attracts a wealth of wildlife, such as herds of elephant.

It has four viewing areas on four different levels, a bunker right next to the waterhole where you can closely watch, photograph the animals, and even touch them.

The Ark is one of the original safari lodges in the area and has a rich colonial history. The unique thing about the ARK is that all the wildlife come to visit you, unlike the traditional safari of going out in search of wildlife by vehicle, a tour van, or on foot.

It’s easily accessible: Road – It’s about a 2 ½-hour drive (180 km) from Nairobi to The Ark’s sister lodge, and by Air – Daily scheduled flights (approx 45 minutes flying time).

The highlights while visiting the Ark are as follows:


The Ark is a very affordable, very unique safari experience and worth the visit. Here you don’t even have to leave your comfort ship to view or get close to amazing wildlife.

The Bunker is built very unique, especially at night when the sights, sounds, and smells seem amplified. The landscape and vegetation of Aberdare are so different and unique compared to the rest of Kenya. 

The Lodges

The lodges are designed in a way to resemble a wooden ship, like Noah’s Ark. Every floor has lounges, patios and big viewing windows to watch the constant wildlife visiting. The ‘Ark’ theme is maintained, all bedrooms resemble ships’ cabins and open verandahs which resemble ships’ decks. 

The lodges have a cabin-style design, each with an en-suite bathroom. The lodges are in different categories such as singles rooms, twin-bed rooms, double/queen bedrooms, and triple-bed or family rooms, and lastly a ‘Deck C’ which is meant for the disabled.


You feel as though you have a window to the wildlife world at The Ark. There are viewing decks and lounges all around, so you can easily watch the animals from many different angles. 

The bunker is quite a unique and special experience. It allows you to watch and photograph the animals through the slits. From a few meters, you can easily smell, hear the rumbling communications, and hear the shuffling feet of the herd of elephants. Among other wild animals that you can spot there include, Sykes monkey, black rhino, buffalo, and black and white Colobus monkey. You might as well be lucky to see leopards, lions, the golden cat, and antelope. On the moorlands, you may be able to see eland and serval cat.


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