Splash World Limited offers study abroad programs to students wishing to study in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, and South Africa among others.
Students applying to study abroad through Splash World Limited benefit from the following services.
Professional career counseling.
Guidance on course selection.
Assistance with university application.
Advice and assistance on visa processing.
Assistance with booking accommodation.
Discounted flight bookings.
Assistance with airport transfers.
After service student support.
Our team of well-trained counselors are conversant with universities abroad and are tasked to assisting students in applying to universities on time and making sure that nothing is left to chance and no deadlines are missed.
Our experienced visa professionals are also well conversant with all visa requirements and application procedures.
Our ticketing team is always endeavoring to get the best flight rates for the students.
Contact the student support team directly on bdm@splashworld.ke or call 0722 447 394.