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Travel Consultancy

We as travel consultants specialise in coordinating and booking travel arrangements for individuals, groups and businesses.
While the internet makes it easy and convenient for the average person to make their own travel arrangements, many people still utilise travel consultants to book their trips and ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck.

We do all international and domestic ticketing, having ticket stock of all international and domestic airlines like Kenya Airways, KLM, South African Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, etc. We give instant confirmation of seats through our online reservation. We have well trained staff dealing exclusively with ticketing.

One of the key reasons why travel consultants are still in demand is because of the due diligence they perform when researching for travel options. In addition to simply looking up airfare and hotel rates, experienced travel consultants are likely to have insight into items such as where to stay within your budget, what rates are ideal for travel to your destinations of choice and special promotions or discounts for which you may be eligible.

Travel consultants use the information they’ve obtained from their research to offer professional travel advice to their clients. Recommendations could include avoiding the originally requested hotel due to poor reviews, adjusting the travel dates to get a better deal or bundling the travel services into a single package to save money. Advice may also be given regarding anticipated weather conditions and popular activities and events to partake in during your stay.

Once the client agrees on an itinerary, the travel consultant makes the necessary arrangements to book the trip. This could include ordering airline tickets, making hotel reservations and securing a flight. Prior to booking, the consultant reviews the cancellation guidelines with the client and goes over any pertinent information such as arrival and departure times and any additional expenses that may be charged by the vendors such as fees for parking or incidentals.

Once you have booked your ticket,you pay through our accepted mode of payments either through CASH or M-PESA PAYBILL NUMBER: 80 64 93

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