Our Adventure to Ngong Hills. Over the weekend, we had a chance to visit the beautiful Ngong hills and what we found fascinating about the place is the number of visitors and tourists who were there. We didn’t imagine there would be that number of people visiting, long story short, the view was magical and scenic. We were welcomed by these huge beautiful power-generating turbines at the top of the hills.

As we started our climb towards the 1st hill, on our right we could see the Great Rift Valley and on the left, the stunning view of Nairobi city took our breath away. The climb to the 7 hills is no joke but the amazing views that come with every pain in your muscles make it completely worth it. With the entrance fee costing us KSH 200 per person, it was a worthwhile and affordable getaway for the weekend. At the top of the hills, there is a picnic site that is just perfect in giving you a picturesque view as you enjoy your food.

For the food we have breakfast which is 600 per person, buffer which is 1500 per person inclusive of one soft drink we also have a whole goat which is 18000 plus ten accompaniment for free which is chips, ugali, mukimo, rice and greens kindly note that we don’t allow drinks and food from outside and if you would like to reserve you need to pay 50% of the whole amount for the food only before arrival day, note that there is an entry fee of 200 per person.We hope you get to visit and enjoy the climb to the top of the hills, we sure did enjoy.

Tips when visiting Ngong Hills:

1. Make sure you have comfortable shoes because the climb up the hills is no joke
2. Carry enough water, drinks, and food. There are no restaurants on the hills
3. Be warm enough, as you climb the hills you will realize it gets cold, more so because the higher you go, the cooler it becomes and also because of the power generating turbines
4. It is advisable to go with a group of people as it is more enjoyable in a group than when going alone
5. If you are using public means, don’t hesitate to ask for directions because you can easily get lost.
Activities you can partake while at Ngong hills
1. Ziplining which is a 1000 per person
2. Archery which is a 1000 for 20 arrows
3. Cycling is 500 per person per hour
4. Quad bikes are a 1000 per person per round
5. Paintballing is 1500 per person for a 100 balls





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