What is your favourite place to visit in Kenya? Did Mombasa come in your mind? Mombasa is the most popular destination in Kenya followed by Maasai Mara. You’ve probably visited this wondrous city in your vacation break and might be looking to come back again. The allure of Mombasa is too great to ignore, and many people visit here expecting the ultimate getaway. A vacation in this city is always fun-fulfilling especially if you love seeing the enchanting places scattered all over this coastal region.

Mombasa Old Town

If you are an architecture lover, Old Town is the place to be. It is located on the southeast side of Mombasa Island, and is said to be the first urban settlement in Kenya long before the country became colonized. As an early coastal settlement, it has been influenced by various people; from Arabs, Persians, local Swahili people, Portuguese, to the British, who came in the late 19th century. The place is dominated by narrow alleys which are hard to navigate with a vehicle. All in all, this is a great historical place you should explore to learn about the history of Mombasa and its people.

Fort Jesus

This renowned historical site was built in the 1500s by the Portuguese. It was built to serve as a stopover site for the Portuguese sailors on their way to India. This never came to be after the Omanis conquered Mombasa and other Kenyan coastal regions. Fort Jesus gives a glimpse of early Mombasa life and its rulers, depicting the struggle for power between different foreign powers over this coastal region. It is a UNESCO protected historical site and is open to visitors.

South Coast Beaches

Mombasa is renowned for its stunning sandy beaches. The South Coast beaches such as Diani are some of the most amazing beaches you can visit. These beaches offer scenic views of Indian Ocean and are great places to enjoy sunbathing, swimming in clear waters, and many more activities. What’s more, most of them are located near high-end resorts offering luxurious accommodation. This is the place to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

North Coast Beaches

Bamburi Beach
South Coast beaches takes the crown but if you want to get more fun, you should visit North Coast beaches. They are livelier than south coast beaches and closer to Mombasa city. These palm-lined beaches with clear blue waters offer a convenient place to engage in water sports including diving, snorkelling, etc.

Haller Park

Mombasa is not all about sandy beaches and historic sites. There is a lot to explore including national parks hosting hundreds of exotic wildlife. Haller Park is one of such parks. It is a wildlife sanctuary located in Bamburi. It was a quarried wasteland converted into a private sanctuary for animals. This small green paradise hosts many species of animals including hippopotamus, tortoise, among many others.

Mombasa Tusks

These iconic tusks are a landmark in Mombasa city. They were constructed in 1952 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Mombasa. At the time, Kenya was a British protectorate. Since then, they have become a symbolic icon for Mombasa residents. Many people visit the tusks to take a photo. You can’t miss adding that to your memories.

Mombasa Marine National Park

This is one of Kenya’s few Marine National Parks created to protect the coral reef and marine animals affected by human activities. It is one of the most popular marine protected areas as it is easily accessible to the public. It has impressive marine life that is fun watching. You should definitely add it to your bucket list.

Mamba Village Centre

This is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm where you can learn more about reptiles and amphibians. The centre offers guided tours to visitors. It also sells game meat such as Ostrich and Crocodile meat. A bite of game meat may spice your Mombasa Safari.

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